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Santos Soccer Training Limited Hong Kong (SST) was established in 2005 by Leslie George Santos, the well known former football star in Hong Kong, following his retirement as a player.

To deliver the best ChelseaFC coaching skills & philosophies, coaches from SST, including Santos were sent to ChelseaFC in England for an intensive training and coaching education program.

ChelseaFC Soccer School (HK) has over 10 AFC Qualified Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches to operate the school.
Providing sporting opportunities through ChelseaFC’s football development program
Helping to tackle crime, drugs and anti-social behavior issues through sports
Offering after-school coaching with education and proper football trianing
Supporting and serving the community
Further enhance the awareness of ChelseaFC in Asia
John Terry, First Team Captain
As Captain of Chelsea, I was delighted to hear about the Chelsea Soccer School ( Hong Kong ). Not only will this be used for vital charity work in the region, it offers the opportunity for young people to develop their skills and discipline on the pitch.